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First Meeting

Your first meeting or “Discovery Session” does not cost you anything it provides us with an opportunity to get to know you so that we can determine whether our services will be of benefit to you. Typically the Discovery Session will last upwards of ninety minutes as we delve into your specifics. Please come prepared with the following financial information and documents so that we can best utilize our time together.                                                                            

  • Most Recent Tax Return


  • All your official most recent investment statements showing you exact investment positions  (E.g. Qualified Accounts: IRA/401k/457/403b/TSA/Roth’s & Non-Qualified: Trust/Individual/Joint accounts + Annuities & CD’s)


  • 401K/403B Fee Disclosure (this is an annual document disclosing the fees you pay on your employer sponsored plan(s). If you have an online account available to view your account this document is typically available to download under the plan documents tab)


  • All Insurance Policies and Statements

        o  Life Insurance (Whole Life, Universal Life & Term)

                    o  Medicare Supplements

                    o  Long-Term Care


  • Copy of Trust (If Applicable)


  • Social Security Benefit Summary (account can be created at to access benefit summary)


  • Employee Benefit Statements (Pensions/defined benefit plans or defined contribution CALPERS, CALSTRS etc.)
  • Social Security numbers & contact information for your beneficiaries (children are the most commonly listed beneficiaries)
  • Real Estate & Mortgage information
  • Sources of income
  • Knowledge of your desired spending in retirement

Note: if you are unable to obtain any of the above we can work with you to create estimates and/or help you locate this information later.