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About the Wizard

"The biggest fear that retirees have is running out of money in retirement"

The "Wizard" generates a wealth forecast report using innovative financial technology to brainstorm and figure out the answers to many of retiree's most burning questions. Based on your unique information, the wizard generates multiple simulated market probabilities powered by cutting edge technology. The wizard can help:

  • Determine whether your money will last throughout retirement.
  • Determine how much income you truly need.
  • Discover your true risk profile and determine if your current portfolio is in alignment with your goals.
  • Compare different scenarios to determine the strongest course of action for you.
  • Provide a powerful visual showing how inflation and taxes affect the future of your money.
  • View detailed illustrations of investment activities.

The Wizard can help you gain confidence by looking at retirement with your "eyes wide open"

What to bring to the Wizard Session

When you attend the 3rd Modern Retirement Planning session you will have the option of having us run a Wizard report for you. In order for the report to be accurate we need you to bring certain documents. Please click the link below to see the the list of documents to bring.

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